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Dymocks Adelaide

Posted 1/3/2016

From February 2016, Sibling Realty is on sale at Dymocks, Rundle Mall in Adelaide!  If you are in the city, take a stroll down Rundle Mall and stop in to get your own copy of Sibling Realty!

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Lobethal NewsExpress - the latest location to stock Sibling Realty

Posted 14/12/2015

Thank you to Gabby and Roland for agreeing to stock Sibling Realty at their fantastic Newsagency at 49 Main Street, Lobethal.  NewsExpress has an exciting and diverse range of items way beyond what you would expect from a newsagency, including pop-vinals, soaps and giftware, and now Sibling Realty!  Find out more about their store at the Facebook site here.

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Sibling Realty Launched - media release November 2015

Posted 19/10/2015

Hills Author Launches Spooky Debut Novel Sibling Realty

A day house hunting in the Adelaide Hills almost a decade ago generated the ghost of an idea for Hills author, Esme Barratt.

Sibling Realty is the story of twin sisters, Jodie and Suzie Mackenzie who dream of a career in real estate, until an accident claims Jodie's life. However, Jodie has no intention of letting a little thing like death get in the way of fulfilling her career dreams and she steadfastly stays by her sister’s side as the adventure unfolds.

Sibling Realty is a paranormal fiction,' says Esme, 'Its not what I thought I would write. I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi, so I thought when I sat down to seriously complete a novel, it would be a fantasy adventure with magic and epic battles, yet when I started to write, the twins just took over and the other spirits insisted on being part of the novel!’

I had the idea whilst looking at properties, thinking about how helpful it would be to have a spirit guide there to give you advice on the history and vibe of the home.’

Esme says she wrote the majority of this during ‘Nanowrimo’ three years ago. This is National Novel Writers Month, and is now an international online community who commit to writing a minimum 50,000 words in the month of November.

When I first did it I got to about 49,500 words,’ laughs Esme ‘not a bad effort for a month of writing, given I’m also working and have a very busy family life. I can’t believe I’ve just signed up again for 2015 to finish Sibling Realty 2!'

In her past, Esme has worked for the State Welfare Department, which she admits provided a rich environment of challenges and tragedy occurring in everyday life. ‘It has always amazed me how some people can live through the most difficult of circumstances and still be resilient and have a positive attitude’.

In 2006, she took up the role to establish the Hills Volunteer Resource Centre, Hills Volunteering, where she remained for nine years, until changing roles recently to take up the role of Regional Coordinator of Hills Connected Communities.

'I have been writing for years, mostly late at night and on the weekends, but I had never had anything published until an opportunity arose with The Publishing Academy and I took a chance. It was very rewarding to get positive feedback and to finally see my book in print. I’m very thankful to Peter and Lorri for their support'.

Esme says another benefit has been meeting the other authors such as Lobethal author T.R.Kester who has also just published his debut novel Something Wicked.

'It's great to feel part of a writing community,' said Esme, 'and I’m so thankful for the support of the Mount Barker Library to make the launch a success.'

At the launch on November 4, Esme will be interviewed by local radio personality Chris Carpenter. “It is great that Chris agreed to interview me on the night, as the idea of public speaking usually terrifies me. I’m sure between us we will make an engaging and entertaining conversation.” The launch starts at 6.30 at the Mount Barker Community library and entry is free but bookings are essential at or ph: 8393 6400.