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Q and A (with Esme)

Q: How can I get an autographed copy of Sibling Realty?

A: There are a few autographed copies left at Inbarendi Bookstore in Mount Barker, or you can come along to a book signing.  Follow us on Facebook to find out the latest on signings and events.


Q: Sibling Realty is described as paranormal fiction – a ghost story.  How did you did you get the idea?
A:  I first had the idea when we were house hunting in the Hills way back in 2006. I was reading this quirky book called An English Psychic in Hollywood by Lucinda Clare, which is about a young woman who travels to Hollywood to find fame and fortune as an actress. As she is a very powerful psychic, everyone she meets seems to lead to psychic messages and interactions with spirit guides (which of course gets in the way of a good audition!).  It's a fun book, but it really made me think how helpful it would be to have a little psychic insight into properties and which ones we should look at seriously (and perhaps which ones we should run away from screaming!)


Q: So, do you believe that houses have a history / a vibe?    
A:  Without a doubt, houses carry a psychic vibe.  When I was a teenager, I travelled to the UK and backpacked around Europe, until inevitably, I ran out of funds.  Luckily I had some wonderful family who took me in and looked after me in beautiful Somerset. I found a job at a local hotel called Shapwick House, a magnificent Tudor Manor House built by the Monks of Glastonbury in 1487.  For a young girl from Adelaide, this place was like something out of a fairy tale, or perhaps a Brothers Grimm story!

It was a wonderful experience but also a little bit frightening, particularly if you had to venture to the 'Elm Room' alone.  The staff had to turn down the sheets and get the heater on in any of the bedrooms where we had guests staying that night, and no-one really minded unless you had the Elm Room.  The atmosphere was always cold, the door always swung shut immediately behind you and was then very difficult to open, and I'm sure I could sense something in that room that really didn't want visitors! If I hadn't believed in haunted properties before, Shapwick House would have convinced me.

Q: Sibling Realty is set in the Adelaide Hills, so I imagine there are real scenes you have described but are any of your characters based on real people?

A: There are lots of scenes based on real Adelaide Hills towns and some based on other parts of South Australia such as the City and the rural town of Mount Gambier. As for people, well that's a secret...

Q: Are you working on a second novel?  And any other projects?

A:  Yes, I have an outline for Sibling Realty Two and a great idea for where it's all headed in Sibling Realty Three. 

At the moment though, I'm working on a children's novel called Wickedy Broom, which is a fun story of a little witch turning into a teenager and finding her way in the world of sorcery and magic. I'm always working on several project though, so will have both Wickedy Broom and SRII finished by the end of 2016 - watch this space!

Q: Anyone you would like to thank?
A:  Yes, my wonderful hubby and kids for being so supportive of my dream. Particularly my husband as he has waited about 15 years for a complete novel - obviously, he's a very patient man!

Thanks also to my editors Jenny B, Hugh and Daniel - great advice and support.

Thanks to Peter and Lorri from The Publishing Academy without whom this would still be an electronic manuscript sitting in the ether of my electronic filing system. 

Thanks also to my family and friends for encouragement and backing to write.  I feel really blessed to know what it is that makes me happy and to have so much support to do it.  I love you more!

Finally, thank you to anyone who has read my work - I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!  Let's join forces again soon.